Different Types of Lipsticks You Can Take Your Pick From

Different Types of Lipsticks

Lipstick is a vital makeup element that adds charm and elegance to your look by giving your face a beautiful touch of colour to complete your look. If you are a makeup addict, you can never resist or ignore lipstick.

Today, people choose lipstick to express their individuality. You can tell much about a person’s personality from their choice of lipstick colour and texture preferences. So the vast lipstick industry has come up with something for everyone. You’ll find something for yourself from the options they offer. With so many different lipstick shades on the market, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on all possible textures and their compatibility to gain an edge in trending games.

Over time, the beauty industry has realised the importance of lipstick’s texture and shade defining a person’s personality and matching that person’s vibe. So, it’s time to choose the best lipstick to grace your lips!

Lipsticks with Matte Finish

The most common type of lipstick is matte. As the name suggests, it is completely matte and non-glare.

Matte lipstickcomes in various colours and shades. They are available as either stick lipsticks or liquid lipsticks.

The stick is pretty creamy and keeps my lips moisturised all day long. The liquid may dry out.

Matte ones are long-lasting lipstickand waterproof lipstick.

Often used by women in offices and long events because they can’t afford to reapply lipstick every few hours.

How should you rock it?

Matte liquid lipstick is pretty easy to use but can sometimes leave your lips dry and flaky. Therefore, it is essential to follow these steps to create a perfect application.

1. Rub your lips with lukewarm water and a lip scrub to remove dry, dead skin cells.

2. Apply plenty of lip balm with high moisturising power and leave it while applying makeup.

3. Before applying lipstick, remove lip balm with a soft cloth and apply lipstick.

Lipsticks with Creamy Finish

Creamy lipsticks are your typical vintage lipsticks because they have been around for so long.

While wearing lipstick, it can be challenging to keep your lips moisturised on super hot or cold days.

Creamy lipstick looks chic and elegant while nourishing and moisturising lips.

You may require touch-ups several times a day.

It applies very smoothly and feels light and creamy on the lips.

Creamy lipstick adds a touch of understated charm to your look.

Perfect for day or night makeup.

How should you rock it?

Creamy lipstick is elegant but messy at times. Therefore, it is vital to use a lip liner to keep them in place. The lip liner prevents the lipstick colour from sticking out of the actual lip line, making it look graceful and attractive.

Lipsticks with Liquid Formulations

Another very trendy and widely used type of lipstick is liquid lipstick.

A liquid formulation that dries quickly after being applied to the lips.

Packed in a tube with a doe-foot applicator for perfect application.

This lipstick comes in various formulas like glossy lipstick, matte and velvety.

These are durable and travel-friendly without the stress of spills.

How should you rock it?

Liquid lipstick is easy to apply with the doe-foot applicator. However, to improve its appearance further, we recommend you do the following before use.

Rub your lips well so that they do not come off.

Moisten well before the actual application.

User Lipliner Perfect, precise application and prevents bleeding.

Lipsticks in Crayon Form

Well, the most trendy lipstick that is very famous among netizens is lip crayons.

This lipstick is a great formula that can simultaneously be matte and creamy. It moisturises your lips with moisturising formula.

Offers a very smooth and precise application.

It lasts up to 6-7 hours without drying lips.

How should you rock it?

We can all agree that crayon lipstick is the easiest to use. It provides a hassle-free application. Here are the most exciting ways to use crayon lipstick.

Draw the lip line and fill the outer corner of the lip with dark colour.

Fill the centre with one or two lighter similar shades. Blend using the

Lip Brush to create beautiful custom shades.

The world of makeup is growing and changing by the minute. Therefore, you should explore and try different textures, formulas and new products to keep up with the trends. Nude lipsticks are great but having a few more shades handy never hurts. So up your lip makeup game and visit Health & Glow to experiment with varying lipstick formulas!

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