In recent years, fashionable skincare and cosmetic products have come and gone to the rhythm of trends seen on Tik Tok and other social networks. While some of them are only ephemeral, others persist. Already timidly announced in 2021, they manage to stand out from the crowd and promise to be even more present in 2022. Here are 5 beauty trends that you absolutely must not miss this year.


It’s been a while now that the vegan is essential both in the fashion industry and in cosmetics and care, where collections of vegan products have been flourishing for a few years. In 2022, vegan, along with organic, is one of the essential beauty trends. And it’s certainly not for nothing: Generation Z, that is to say those born between the end of the 1990s and 2010, seem particularly open to adopting more ecologically conscious behavior. According to a German study carried out by Klarna in 2021, 30% of this generation favor the purchase of vegan beauty products, and 40% say they are ready to spend more on eco-friendly brands.

Remember, however, that vegan does not mean organic, and vice versa: vegan products are those that do not use any animal products or animal slavery, whereas when we talk about organic beauty products , we refers to a composition made up of at least 95% ingredients of natural origin. Stylight also saw a peak in interest for these products in 2021, with a 55% increase in clicks for certified organic products, and 31% for vegan products. One product in particular seems to be getting all the attention: KVD Beauty ‘s Good Apple foundation with a 100% increase in clicks in November 2021.


Tinted sunscreens are increasingly popular, it is also one of the beauty trends confirmed on Stylight: Avène Mineral Multi-Defense UV tinted sunscreen saw a 400% increase in clicks in November 2021. Anti-blue light treatments were already present in the major trends for 2021 . The Uriage brand notably offers a range of products that protect against all the daily aggressions that the skin undergoes, including blue light and also UV rays. Interest in these products had greatly increased during the first confinement of 2020. Teleworking and confinements oblige, we are still as much confronted with the light of our screens on a daily basis. This trend is therefore not about to leave us.


Because it’s not just our skin that deserves a little softness and attention, the scalp is also entering the beauty trends not to be overlooked. Stylight sees a 70% increase in search interest for scalp products on Google. Amika , Moroccanoil , Klorane , … All the brands specializing in hair products are getting into it. To maintain your scalp, you can find shampoos or exfoliating treatments, or even cleansing oils. One product in particular stood out strongly already at the end of 2021, it is the NatureLab Tokyo clarifying scrub .


No, black lipstick isn’t just for goths or Halloween makeup. It even climbs to the catwalks and in the trendiest looks of this year, confirming the return of a pop-punk era from the 90s. It dresses the face on its own and does not necessarily require very elaborate makeup. . Be careful, however, not to neglect the complexion to prevent the contrast with the black on the lips from looking bad. All the Beauty Gurus on Instagram already wear it and the cosmetic brands all offer it. But it’s the ‘s Clinique’s Almost Lipstick Black Honey, with the particularity of adapting to all lip pigments, which stands out as the big winner of the black lipstick fashion. The product saw an increase in clicks of more than 1000% in November 2021. Now all you have to do is dare to take the plunge.


Whether it’s the trend for black lipstick or the self-adhesive rhinestones for the face, the watchword is the same in make-up: in 2022, we dare to be fancy. And with this fifth trend, the possibilities are endless. The rhinestones to stick on the face can accompany a more elaborate make-up, or conversely be sufficient on their own to dress the eyelids and immediately give a glamorous effect even when used in smaller touches. Searches for this type of product tripled at the end of 2021 on Google. The Color Pop brand notably offers a set of rhinestones for the face which already aroused growing interest at the end of 2021.

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