For some of us, being less than 1m70 is a real problem on a daily basis. Not necessarily in the broad sense, of course, but more particularly when we want to dress well and wear clothes and shoes in our size. From the top of my 1m72, I am doomed to juggle between XS and S and to systematically cuff my pants (themselves in size 28). Of course, with time and experience, I learned to be cunning and to have my favorite brands, those that correspond to my morphology and that I particularly like for their cuts, their diversity of sizes and of course their collections. ! Last September, we asked you via our Instagram account your advice and tips on this. Many of you participated, so it’s partly together that we’re going to discuss the article: How to dress when you’re little?

Small clothing tips

1. What is meant by being small?

Even if we see that the fashion industry has evolved considerably to offer today a greater choice of sizes, it turns out that when you are small, thin or stocky, you still encounter difficulty getting dressed. This is often the case for people who measure on average 1m70, but all the more true for those who measure in the 1m65. We often encounter size problems: tops and pants that are too long, too loose, shoes that are too big, and more generally, difficulties in assembling all these pieces together to find the perfect harmony. Very often, when you are small, you are mainly looking for brands that offer Extra-Small, pants or jeans that start at 28, or even 27, and for shoes from brands that offer 40, 39 or even 38. And when that’s not enough, we trick, we try alternatives, we do make alterations or go through a tailor-made or half-measure offer. Well, if you recognize yourself here, you have come to the right place because we are going to go over the key tips and tricks to adopt together!

2. Basic tips to get you started

So that’s it, gentlemen, we’re getting to the heart of the matter, starting by giving you some advice and reflexes to have when you’re about to order online (your credit card in hand) or when you walk through the door of a physical store . Finally, we will quickly discuss the possible alterations on the different clothes, then we will draw up a list of tips to adopt.

In store

We can never tell you enough, when possible, do not hesitate to push the door of your favorite shops to come and try on the clothes directly . In addition to having a first feeling with the touch of the garment, it will be a question here of determining the best size that you should choose . If you do not have experience on the subject, do not hesitate to ask the sellers for help (but be careful, I am talking about competent sellers and not carpet merchants) so that they can direct you to a particular brand or fit. For my part, when I go to the store, I take the opportunity to try on as many different pieces, sizes and cuts as possible.. In addition to knowing how a particular item of clothing fits, it allows me to know how the brand fits in general (large or small). A technique that allows me, thereafter, to order online directly from these shops. Note that if the size does not fit (on a top or even on pants), some shops offer a free alteration serviceĀ  while others directly advise one or more alteration workshops . Another tip to know, when you’re small, you can dress in the children’s department . I am thinking in particular of certain premium brandswhich offer clothes for teenagers, often less expensive and well cut (we still advise to try on to be sure that the size is the right one).

1. On the Internet

We are well aware that it is not always easy to go to the store to try the products directly and this is all the more the case when you do not live in a big city. Fortunately, nowadays, a simple and effective solution exists: the internet . This tool allows us to find practically all the clothes and shoes we dream of, in just a few clicks. Only, when the time comes to choose our size before adding the product to the basket, we very often wonder if the latter will suit us or not. A problem that is even more present when you are small and you don’t know how to size the brand and above all, the part in question.

Before rushing and ordering a part under an instinctive impulse, I advise you to take the time to reflect. First of all, it is almost unthinkable to order a part without taking a look at the size guides (more or less precise depending on the brand). If a doubt persists or you simply wish to confirm your choice, we invite you to consult blogs, browse forums or simply contact the brand (by a contact form, by chat or via social networks). Then, in addition to being able to admire the material and color of the product, the photos(and videos in some cases) will give us a clue about the fit and how the brand fits. Generally, in the description, it is mentioned the size of the model and that of the garment worn. Note that some sites like Asket , provide the Virtusize tool to be able, from a piece that you already have in your dressing room, to compare it and get as close as possible to the appropriate size. If however, a doubt persists again and again, do not panic, most often returns are free .

For some time, many of us have been consuming differently (me first) by turning to a second-hand offer . The advantages are to be able to benefit from a more attractive price and to fight against waste, of course, but also to be able to ask questions about the dimensions of the parts directly to the sellers . You can then ask for precise measurements, photos worn, ask for the seller’s measurements, etc. In short, beyond the condition of the part, it is very easy to be able to have more precise measurements than on an average e-shop .

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