What is dermaplaning?


The basic principle of dermaplaning.

Dermaplaning involves shaving the entire face. Shaving removes the down on the face. All that remains is a fresh, new layer of skin. It is therefore a treatment of theOK skin, carried out using a surgical scalpel.

Dermaplaning is also known as an exfoliating treatment. Indeed, removing the dead cells accumulated on the skin frees clogged pores and clogged hair follicles. This technique is also beneficial for dry skin, skin degraded by the sun’s rays, or even skin marked by wrinkles. Dermaplaning aims to eliminate dead cells that the skin has accumulated for two to three weeks. Thereafter, the results are visible for about a month.

The procedure of a dermaplaning operation.

Dermaplaning is performed using a surgical scalpel. The procedure itself is quite simple. The first step is to cleanse the face with a dedicated treatment (example at Typology: minimalist purifying double cleansing, cleansing balm or even minimalist exfoliating double cleansing). Then drying the area. Finally, shaving using a sterilized surgical scalpel, an operation that lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. To finish: the application of a cream to moisturize the skin.

The benefits of dermaplaning

Removing the layer of dead skin by means of dermaplaning accentuates cell regeneration. Your skin thus regains its freshness, and gives the skin a second youth. Shaving at the same time stimulates the production of collagen, which reduces the risk of the appearance of wrinkles.

Removing dead skin also brings a new glow and texture to your face. The degraded upper layer disappears, and the dull complexion at the same time. However, the new radiance of the complexion may take a few days to appear.

Removing this top layer also helps eliminate bacteria that have accumulated. Note that these bacteria block the active ingredients of the treatments applied to the face. Thus, dermaplaning ensures that the skin takes full advantage of the benefits of the creams, serums and other lotions used.

Finally, dermaplaning makes it possible to reduce the size of the pores, by removing the substances that obstruct them. You will thus obtain a smooth skin, which will facilitate the application of care and make-up.

Is dermaplaning painful?

Normally, dermaplaning is painless. However, people with sensitive skin are advised to be careful. Irritation and redness may appear during the procedure. It should also be noted that sunscreen should be applied to the face in the event of exposure after dermaplaning.

Who can use dermaplaning?

This technique is accessible to everyone. It is intended in particular for people with mature skin, in order to slow down the process of premature aging and to eliminate wrinkles. Dermaplaning is however not recommended for acne-prone skin. Indeed, shaving risks damaging the skin and blocking the healing process of pimples.

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