Everything you need to know about creating a personalized t-shirt

personalized t-shirt

If you get tired of always wearing the same patterns, the same style of clothing or if you’re tired of meeting another person dressed exactly like you on the street, adding a touch of originality to your outfit is the best solution to make the difference. Be creative by creating your own patterns and become the designer of your style! The t-shirt is one of the clothes that you can use to stand out, and it is also the ideal medium to communicate. Thus, we will give you useful information to help you create your personalized t-shirt.

Tips for creating your personalized t-shirt

In order to design a quality personalized t-shirt, follow these steps:

Opt for a quality visual: pay attention to the rendering of the image on the t-shirt. Maybe the photo looks perfect on the screen but not on your t-shirt. So you must select the definition adapted to the size of your dress. For example, a full size bust print requires an actual print area of ​​4200 x 4800 pixels. However, an image of at least 2000 pixels is acceptable. If it is a simple print of a reduced size logo, an image of 800 x 400 pixels is more than enough.

Adapt the image to the t-shirt: check the orientation of the landscape (top, bottom, center, left, right), the readability of the text (not too small, not too big). Analyze the most aesthetic layout that does not ridicule your t-shirt.

Select the right color: Personalization will not be successful if the beautiful photo or the wonderful text does not match the color of the t-shirt. Remember that tonal differences are not pleasing to the eye. So, compare the color of the visual with that of the t-shirt.

Choose the right garment: this is the determining element of the layout of your design. It is then essential to opt for a t-shirt adapted to the configuration.

Textile printing: which technique to choose?

Once the materials are prepared, there remains the means of sticking the visual on the t-shirt. To do this, four marking techniques are available to you, namely: embroidery on textiles, flocking, screen printing and digital printing.

Textile embroidery

This technique is best if you prioritize quality above all else. Its touch and rendering are incomparable to other techniques. But since quality has a price, embroidery is more expensive and requires more production time. In addition, it is not suitable for all types of textiles. Favor thick fabrics if embroidery is your choice.


It is one of the best known marking techniques. Popular in the sports field, this type of marking is characterized by its capacity of resistance even if it is less qualitative. The flocking lasts a very long time but its plastic touch is not very pleasant. It is recommended to use it for nicknames only.

Screen printing

It is the most used technique in the world of textile printing. Its price is more interesting than that of embroidery. Screen printing is perfect for you if you have a large logo to print on a good quantity of t-shirts and the price does not depend on the size of the format. So, we suggest you go for digital printing if it comes to customizing your own t-shirt.

Digital printing

It is a more interesting alternative than screen printing. It is more expensive but offers you the possibility of using various colors because the number of colors is unlimited. Opt for digital printing if your visual is more complex and you want a clear and quality rendering.

Original quality t-shirts at BICHETTE

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