How to dress when it’s (very) hot?


The right subjects, you will choose

It’s proven: some materials are better suited to heat than others. In the same way that it is not recommended to put on your cashmere sweater for a day at the beach – even the softest – synthetic materials are to be banned. The must ? Linen and cotton poplin. Linen fabric is ideal for sailing from beach to beach as it allows air to pass through. And cotton is a must to ward off the heat.

Sandals, you will wear

Even though trendy girls (the same ones who wear Dr. Martens in LA) wear cowboy boots all year round, and the palm of the cool goes to them, sandals – with heels or not – seem to be the good option. to avoid any inconvenience whatsoever. And for a minimalist and effortless effect, the Arizona model from Birkenstock will breathe a good dose of cool into our pedicured feet… Just to never forget that the beach is under the cobblestones.

Layering, you will forget

Just for rings, necklaces and earrings, a style exercise called stacking. For the rest, it will be necessary to do without. If last winter, layering did not fail to shake up the catwalks in search of madness, with colorful overlays, this ancestral Japanese technique does not rhyme with the heat wave. It is even not recommended. What do we like? Slip our one-piece swimsuit (which makes us look like a naiad) into denim shorts as soon as night falls. Second skin effect in the key.

The basics, you will transform

The goal? Treat yourself to a brand new summer suitcase (and its contents) without even spending a penny. Cut jeans into shorts, shorten the sleeves of a bodysuit, tie a man’s shirt, pull out a slip dress… So many steps to note on our to-do list before taking to their heels.

Pastel colors, you will adopt

This is by far the coolest fashion statement of the season. Baby blue, cotton candy pink, mimosa yellow, water green. With these temperatures worthy of a distant desert, the pastel blows a fresh wind on our summer wardrobe, tinged with a fifties spirit. Why not play it down by mixing the coloramas in a nice gradient? Long silk dress , cropped top to tie, practical mini-bag , cotton blouse… It sets the tone, and it’s hot.

The loose pieces, you will prefer

At the head of this new summer, games of volumes where each piece takes its ease and gains centimeters for a controlled amplitude. Bohemian-dominant day butterfly, a balloon-sleeved shirt, an unstructured linen dress and exaggerated pleated pants will sound like a no-brainer for surviving under 35 degrees.

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