Recommendations for the creation of personalized advertising t-shirts

personalized advertising t-shirts

If you are organizing an event for a special occasion. Whether it is for the promotion of your business or for a professional event. And you’re looking for a cost-effective option that will give your brand great exposure . We recommend advertising clothing and more specifically t-shirts that meet these two requirements.

It is very important that the graphics to be printed are particularly attractive and effective. But above all, they must make the people to whom you offer them feel comfortable, so that they wear them regularly. And this even after the event, to continue to advertise the brand. For this reason, today we want to give you some tips on how to create personalized t-shirts. They allow you to get all the visibility you want and at the same time we hope to solve some doubts you may have.

Tips for making promotional t-shirts

Choosing the right material for your t-shirt

Choose the best color according to your logo

The printing technique: fundamental for the finish

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Frequently asked questions about custom t-shirts

What areas can t-shirts be printed on?

How to wash your personalized t-shirts?

How do printed t-shirts dry?

How to iron logo t-shirts?

Choose   the material of your personalized t-shirt carefully

We start with the first aspect to consider. Before deciding whether the garment will be red or blue or whether it will combine well with the logo or image, you have to think about whether the material is suitable . After all, it must be comfortable for regular use.

Cheap custom cotton t-shirt

Among the most notable materials are cotton (whether carded or combed), polyester or eco-friendly components such as organic cotton or rPET (recycled plastic). These last two are less common but have a similar touch to the previous two. They can therefore be highly recommended if we identify with the values ​​of sustainability and respect for the environment.

If, on the other hand, we opt for a more classic option, we must bear in mind that cotton has a more pleasant texture, it is generally more breathable and the feeling is that it is a quality product. . Polyester, on the other hand, is more resistant to moisture and is more elastic.

In short, the first will be used for more regular daily use and the second is more suitable for sports activities. If you want to know more, we recommend that you consult our article on cotton or polyester .

Choose   the best color according to its logo

Once the material is chosen, the next step is to choose the color so that it catches the eye.

First of all, it is important to know how to combine colors well (that’s why we leave you a link with some tips), although there are some basic rules to follow.

Customization advertising t-shirt

To begin with, if you are a brand, it is important that the tone of the advertising t-shirt matches the logo and therefore the image of the company, so the choice may be more difficult.

In any case, unless you want to do something strident and revolutionary, you have to know how to make the right mix. Black and white are the two generic colors par excellence. And they won’t steal the show from the print, allowing it to stand out.

Gray is another option to consider, as it goes well with both cool and warm tones, and there is a diverse range of them too.

If we are looking for something more colorful, we must consider the following: red is very flashy, yellow is more subtle and can go well with a dark print and green goes well with white, black and with the same yellow. While pink is perfect with shades of brown or khaki.

These are a few examples but, in the link that we have previously provided, you will be able to see other options.

The printing   technique: fundamental for the finish

Now that we have a clear idea of ​​the material of our advertising t-shirts , the color and the design of the printing, we only have to choose the best printing technique for his t-shirt with logo .

First, it is not possible to recommend one option over another since it will depend on the image to be printed. However, we will explain the most common options to make this choice easier.

Advertising t-shirt printing

First, there’s screen printing, one of the most popular because it’s simple, cheap and gives good results. For customization, a taut mesh is used where the design goes, applying ink later. Depending on the garment, it may be necessary to make two passes, so the price could increase.

Secondly, there is the transfer , which can be screen -printed (similar to the previous one but using heat for printing) or digital (which allows customization in color).

Third, there is embroidery , designed for small details that can go down the chest or down a sleeve but provide a more professional and exceptional finish.

Fourth is sublimation , which allows you to put any image or design you want. Normally only available for those made of polyester.

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