The 30 shoe brands a man should know

shoe brands a man

Here is a brand that we almost have the impression of having always known, but which was only created in 2008. Its founder, Alexis Lafont, thought of it as an embodiment of French elegance. , and above all as a means of perpetuating the know-how of beautiful shoes in our territory.

Luxury and refinement are not an empty word at Caulaincourt, with pretty materials and impeccable finishes. Above all, the brand offers the possibility of customizing the color of its shoes with a unique patina . A detail perhaps, but one that makes all the difference when choosing your new pair of oxfords!

Best Men’s Shoe Brands – Church’s

Church’s is an English shoe brand that was born in the second half of the 19th century. To this day, it remains one of Britain’s finest luxury footwear brands crafted from the finest materials for your enjoyment.

Over the years, the house has been able to combine fashion, modernity and timelessness in its creations, making Church’s shoes references. Among the brand’s best-known models, the Shanghai is probably the most legendary.

It is available in black suede calfskin boots and other models that will certainly delight you.

Best Converse Men’s Shoe Brands

Our complete opinion on the Converse brand

Do we really need to present the Converse brand? Driven by the timeless and international success of its Chuck Taylor All Stars , the American company appeals to all generations. If it started to make a name for itself on the basketball courts, today it invites itself to all fields.

Admittedly, these canvas shoes do not have an unlimited lifespan, but it is safe to say that any man who has not worn Converse at least once before age 50 has missed his life!

Best Men’s Shoe Brands – Crockett & Jones

Our complete review of the Crockett & Jones brand

Founded in 1879, the iconic English shoe brand Crockett and Jones continues to live up to its reputation by offering you distinguished collections of luxury shoes for men.

Crockett and Jones is so far one of the oldest British shoemakers, renowned for the quality of its creations. The brand has become popular with its famous Goodyear welt.

It has shops all over Europe, including the one in the Madeleine district in France. Elegant, refined, Crockett and Jones shoes are an excellent choice.

Evidenced by the Barnwell II, a model designed with scotch leather and rubber soles.

Best brands of Dr Martens men’s shoes

Our complete opinion on the Dr Martens brand

The story goes that Klaus Martens, a German doctor who served in the Second World War, developed his brand of shoes after hurting his leg during a ski session. He would thus have had the idea of ​​creating an air sole in his shoes in order to promote his rehabilitation and to walk normally again.

Its iconic model, the 1460 boot, was born on April 1, 1960 (hence its name) . It is particularly distinguished by its thick notched sole, its yellow stitching and its tongue at the back. More than an orthopedic shoe, it has become an object of generational cult, a timeless model that has stood the test of time, reinventing itself without losing its particularities.

Best Finsbury Men’s Shoe Brands

Our complete opinion on the Finsbury brand

With Bexley and Loding , Finsbury is the third British-sounding French brand specializing in men’s fashion and footwear. Since its creation in 1986, it has aimed to offer elegant and accessible models to men and often practices a decreasing price policy from the second pair purchased. Here is a first choice brand for men on a limited budget.

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