Summer fashion: how to dress in rainy weather?

dress in rainy weather

It’s summer but the weather is unstable and turns stormy? Between the strong heat , the gales and the rains that surprise us during the day, it is difficult to find an outfit that will be comfortable until the evening. To deal with all situations, discover all our tips for getting dressed quickly in the morning when it’s hot in rainy weather.

1. Heat and rain: yes to small tops but no to necklines

For those who are wondering why… quite simply because in the event of more or less stubborn showers throughout the day, this will prevent you from catching cold ! Dripping water on the birth of the breasts may be sexy, but once the gusts of wind have done their work on your neckline , it is your respiratory tract that will become disillusioned… Hello colds and cold snaps!

2. Yes to flowing pants but no to the little summer dress

It’s hot so we don’t want to have jeans that hug the leg too much. But as it could also be very chilly at times, a trendy and light little dress is not the ideal piece either… Don’t panic, we have the perfect compromise with flowing trousers ! Light and super comfortable, it is one of the basics of the summer wardrobe because it protects the leg without keeping us too hot. We adopt it!

3. Yes to jackets and trench coats, but no to windbreakers!

If the traditional K-Way is unbeatable in rainy weather, forget it in summer! Otherwise it’s the furnace effect guaranteed under the raincoat. Its “plastic” material will indeed condense the heat under the fabric, which means that you will feel it pass! Opt instead for a loose and light blazer jacket that does not stick to your arm but blocks wind and moisture for a short trip. Same for the trench coat , this chic and fashionable basic protects us from the fresh air and water without suffocating us with heat like this good old windbreaker.

4. Yes, twice yes to waterproof accessories

No miracle recipe ladies, you will have to bet first on the essential rain accessory that you know well: the umbrella ! Especially if you leave without a jacket, do not go to the office without it.

Let it be said too, this is not the time to take out your little summer canvas shoes or your open sandals otherwise beware of wet feet. It’s a guaranteed cold snap! Opt for a pair of white sneakers or lighter loafers.

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