Sweater dress after 50: how to wear it in style

wear it in style

Belted waist, oversized shape and mini cut, coordinated XXL scarf… There are many subterfuges for curling up in a comfortable and stylish sweater dress while camouflaging your little belly (fed by the three scrapers of the last fortnight). To adopt this winter must-have while enhancing your silhouette , discover the looks of fashionistas around the world to inspire you to adopt the sweater dress .

Sweater dress: how to wear this trendy piece and enhance your silhouette

Winter dress which has the particularity of being in knit (whether in cashmere, wool, and even synthetic), the sweater dress has the knack of keeping us warm with elegance all winter long. Therefore, even when the thermometer displays negative temperatures, we put it on without fear. We choose it black and turtleneck, to play it chic day and night, or even with graphic patterns for a bold and dynamic look. As for shoes, we combine our sweater dress with a pair of thigh high boots to cover the whole leg.

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Can you wear the sweater dress after 50?

There’s no age limit for wearing a sweater dress and that’s the whole point! Indeed, this winter garment brings a youthful look to all the women who put it on. However, we choose a model that highlights our morphology : skinny women will be able to enjoy all shapes of sweater dresses, while those who have a few small curves, will prefer a looser model. For the color of your sweater dress , forget the garish and lively shades which are not very elegant, we recommend that you play with neutral colors: navy blue, black, beige, khaki…

To wear it inspired by stylish girls, we hasten to discover this slideshow composed of looks in trendy sweater dresses spotted on Pinterest .

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